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Pittsburgh, PA a city once known as the center of the Steel industry is now just another poverty stricken, undergoing gentrification, urban city in America. On the streets of this urban city you’ll always hear his name. D Clak, an up and coming rapper who has solidified his place as one of the top 5 Rap Artists in the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas.  With over 10 years of consistent shows, videos, and countless mix tapes he has finally made his way into the spotlight.   His debut album the Dime Piece (Released March 29th, 2016) has been consistently characterized as “That Smoke”.  Most say “I can listen to it without skipping a track”.  Plainly the fans just love it.  With Trap overtones it simply hits the target for 10 songs which is the reason for its title.  

The D standing for his name Derrick(Age 26) and the Clak representative of a firearms last position before firing, is a reference to his lyrical abilities to fire off quickly line after line.  His stories reflect the life of an urban male with his back against the wall torn between good and evil, poverty and success.  

The music hits hard and the lyrics are familiar but wrapped in a unique style which flows from quick and aggressive, to smooth and harmonious.  Check out the documentary below to find out more about D Clak. Listener favorites include: Trap Again, How It feel, Go Crazy,and 100.